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Thurs. May 13th, 2004

1-40-55 P Std. Time

Mission Viejo, CA.


Ralph R. Moore

It has been said many times and places and in many ways that whatever we believe to be possible, is possible. Just two of the many ways in which Jesus is said to have stated it, using common terms of the present day is, "if you can believe, all things are possible to those who do believe" and "according to your faith, it is done unto you." Of course, this is related only to the person doing the thinking and since we are all different people, others may not think and believe as we do. In fact, there are no two people on Earth that think exactly alike.

Being pretty much in the dark about other religions, I canít speak for them but the ones steeped in the Christian culture, even if they have never been directly involved in any way with the religion, most all have heard this truth, probably in many of its forms, and will vow they believe it. It is so ingrained in the Christian doctrine that a devout follower probably would never say he did not believe it.

Thatís what they say, and until about 9-28 PST this morning I could have used the term "we" instead of they. But about that time I was impressed in some way with the far reaching effects of these truths. Now, when the average person says he believes these truths, he is likely to say "of course, you have to be reasonable about this." And what I am going to say now is going to be totally unreasonable and even inane to the "reasonable and practical" dwellers on this Earth.

In any version of this truth I have ever seen or heard, there has never been a limit put on the possibilities. I believe the truth is that there are no limits except those which our thinking creates. There is no quarrel here with those who disagree with this premise, as Iím sure most of the population will. But for those few who may be willing to consider this lets assume you agree there is some truth to the teaching "if you can believe, all things are possible to those who do believe" but, you add, within reason. Knowing that within the truism are the two powerful words "all things," where would the cut-off point be for you? You have already said you believe, within reason. At what point on a percentage scale from one to a hundred would your reasonable limit be? And if that point is anything less than one hundred percent, considering the two stressed words above, could you still consider yourself a believer?

A true perspective of my position is relevant here. Having this thought come to me doesnít make me superior in any way. In fact I think there are many who have already gone from this world who knew the truth of this matter was one hundred percent, and most likely some of those still here feel the same. That being the case I would be considered new to the thought.

So the truth here is, this is not about me. It is about you, each and every person who has taken the short time it took to read this. And it is you who must live with your answer to the question, repeated here: do you say you believe, and if so, at what point on the scale would you cease to believe?


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