Uranus at Work




Dec. 6, 2004, 9-00 P

Mission Viejo, CA.

Usually if I see the timing of an event on the hour or half hour I immediately suspect an estimated time. This is not the case here as the time was displayed just in front of me and for once I thought of checking it and it was exactly on the hour.

So the story: Some months ago the switch on the light over my desk went bad. I soon bought another switch but true to my nature I didnít put it in. I threw it, still in the paper sack it came in, on the floor under the desk and there it lay until this time. During this whole time I have been screwing the bulb in and out to turn it on and off, telling myself every time that I had to get this thing changed.

At this time, 9-00 P, when I went to turn it off I absent-mindedly turned it the wrong way and tightened it. When I realized my error and tried to turn it the right way it wouldnít move. When I put more effort into it the glass part twisted away from the metal base, the metal part staying in the socket and the glass part coming away in my hand. Since the glass was hot I immediately dropped it and it shattered, the debris scattering all over the desk and the floor.

Then the fun began. I tried to no avail to get the metal base out of the socket and decided now was the time to junk the thing and put in the new switch. The new one wasnít exactly like the old one and required some adjustments and the wall outlet under the desk was a nightmare to get to but I finally made it, and after stealing a bulb from a lamp in another room Iím back in business----with a switch on my light.

This whole thing was quite trivial but it serves as a very good astrological lesson if one is willing to get down into the details of the charts. Since the problem was electrical I will only bring to light the aspects to and from Uranus, though there are many other aspects and of course the whole needs to be carefully considered.

        T. Mars and Venus trine N. Uranus.

        T. Sun square N. Uranus

        T. Uranus trine N. Asc.

        T. Uranus opp. S.P. Moon.

        T. P/F conj. S. A. Uranus.

Number 4 here, Transit Uranus Opposing Secondary Progressed moon is the main culprit, especially with the two being in wide opposition in the natal chart, with the other aspects abetting in the crime. It is now May, 2005 and the aspect is still active since both the progressed Moon and Transit Uranus have been moving at almost exactly the same speed.

Iíve had numerous fun times during this period, to name a few, the car has been in the shop twice, the garage door opener went crazy and came down on the car top while I was backing out, I bought a new door opener and had to return it and get another because there was a broken part in it, the T.V. remote has rebelled on me twice lately and still out of order, the lawn mower is in the shop now, the first time in more than ten years it refused to start, and this will continue until the middle of June when Uranus turns retrograde. Thatís when the progressed Moon escapes the clutches of the "baddie" and my life will be a lot smoother. As usual I got carried away and cited things I hadnít intended so I guess I need to mention, for those who may not know, that Uranus also rules machinery, such as the car, lawn mower and the garage door opener.

When Uranus smacks us in the face we seldom enjoy it but it is sometimes forcing us to get off our butts and do something we should have taken care of long ago. But after the hassles are over and our tempers drop back to normal we find we are better off than before. Though Iím still working on some of the other stuff, Iím happy with my new light switch!!!!!



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