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Sunday, July 21, 2002

(Horoscopes Below)

On Monday, July 15, 2002, Samantha Runnion, a little girl in Stanton, CA. was abducted, and sometime in the hours that followed, was reported to have been "sexually molested" (does that mean the physical act of rape?) and murdered. Her body was found in the wilds of the Santa Ana mountains not far from the town of Elsinore.

The date of her birth, according to the news, was Friday, July 26, 1996 in Massachusetts. Since her body was found the day after her abduction, it was obvious her death, hereafter referred to as the transit, had occurred late on the 15th or early on the 16th. I decided to try to rectify the birth and transit times, applying one to the other, that being the only means available to me.

After several hours of sifting through a myriad of Zodiacal points of energy mixed into a batter of many questions and much doubt, I arrived at a birth time of 1:18 PM, using Boston as the birthplace. This gave me an MC of 25 Leo 52 and the Asc at 15 Scorpio 04. The best I could do for the transit time was Tuesday, July 16 at 1:38 AM (all times mentioned here are standard), using the coordinates of Mission Viejo, CA. Since I was missing the necessary data and was guessing anyway, it seemed useless to try to pinpoint the actual place of the transit.

This transit time gives an MC of 18 Aquarius 27 and 7 Gemini 56 Asc. Several variations of these two charts were used in the testing phase but now that a decision had been made, good or bad, the transit chart was compared to the natal.

The first thing I do is to look at the last Eclipses and Lunations. Hereafter the eclipses will be referred to as S E and L E and the Lunations as N M and F M. I personally go into this much deeper than is obvious, but this is not the time to discuss that. The S E was at 19 Gemini 54. This falls in her H 8, Conjunct N Venus (1 D, 18 M orb), and is one of the many reasons this birth chart was chosen. The L E was at 3 Cap 11, in H 2, conj Chiron (1 D 51 M orb). The NM was at 18 Can 00, conj Mercury (10 M orb) and H 9 cusp (1 D 19 M orb). It may be a subjective thing with me, but in many demise charts I have seen both Mercury and H 9 seem to be strongly aspected. Distant Journey? The LE was the last FM, mentioned above.

Now to the aspects: N H 2 Cusp is at 14 Sag. 37. Tr Pluto is R at 15 Sag 20 and TR SN is at 15 Sag. 58. Tr Neptune, at 10 aqu 02 R, in H 3, is sex N moon near the H 2 cusp (2 D 18 M orb), sex N Saturn (2 D 40 M orb) and N SN (1 D 24 M orb) in H 5 and trine N NN (1 D 24 M orb) and Chiron (19 M orb) in H 11. (Mystery abounded until the man accused of the crime was apprehended)

Here I must pause in the citing of transit aspects to the N chart. An aspect within the N chart screams for attention: N Uranus at 2 Aquarius 33 in H 3 opposes N sun at 4 Leo 01 in H 9, (1 D 28 M orb). This is one of the classic aspects of a N chart, in which, to put it very mildly, the person, male or female, finds it difficult to tolerate, and uncomfortable to deal with males. Also in that mixture is the likelyhood of alienation from the father, physically, emotionally, or both. Not having the horoscopes of the parents I would not say this about the present case, but in many cases Iíve seen where the parents are separated (and I donít know that these are), the child lives with the mother who, in some cases, is bitter toward men. When that is the existing pattern the child learns in many subtle, and sometimes not so subtle ways, all the negative traits available to men and grows up believing that each man on earth is afflicted with at least some of them.

I fully understand that this sounds very biased toward women so Iíll take a moment to try to correct this. If we take away the Sun and replace it with the moon in this and similar aspects, then the exact opposite of what has been said will be true. Carping, complaining and fault-finding are sexless traits, and can be found and felt without looking for them. I do feel, though, there are more absentee fathers than mothers, and to a small child, I think a man is generally a more fearful animal than a woman is.

But I have deviated from my chosen path. The thought I wanted to convey was that with this natal aspect, I believe this little girl feared men, and that very fear is what drew this criminal to her. Later we will explore the deadly aspects that brought the criminal and the beautiful little girl together.

Back to the transits in relation to the N chart. We arrive at H 4, endings. Here we find Tr Uranus, R and 2 D 16 M from H 4 cusp. Now we all know you donít have to have Uranus in H 4 to pass from this world, but we also know if you wanted a boost you would probably be hard pressed to find a better one.

Moving to H 7 the Tr Asc is opp the MP of N Pluto and Moon in H 1 (1 D 34 M orb). Tr NN in H 8 is applying to the cusp (1 D 21 M orb). Tr Saturn in H 8 is conj the vertex (3 D 38 M orb) and Quin N Neptune in H 3 (3 D 2 M orb), suppressing information and adding to the mystery.

Mercury near H 9 cusp has been mentioned above. In H 9 Tr Sun is conj Jupiter and opp N Neptune in H 3 (Sun=2 D 27 M orb), (Jupiter =13 M orb). Here we see a "man of a foreign, or different culture" taking this child from her home, transporting her to a secret and mysterious place and using the authority of his size, age and experience to force his will on her before committing the final crime of murder. I must say here that I missed the "different culture" clue until the accused man was identified.

Next, in H 9 is Tr Mars opp N Uranus in house 3 (46 M orb). This is quite likely the strongest and most forceful aspect in the whole depressing scene. This opp and related stressful aspects between these two powerful planets can point to accidents and raw violence, tragic and deadly here, as in all cases where other aspects in the charts are in supporting roles.

Now we come to another aspect that, on the surface, may appear benign: Tr Mars TRINE N Pluto. (1 D 23 M orb). This aspect could be compared to the depression era gangster, baby face Nelson: its pretty face hides the inner violent possibilities.

Mon. July22. Regarding the previous speculation about the absence of the father, I heard today, courtesy of the grapevine news agency, that the father never lived with the child and her mother as a family. This is clearly a real life manifestation indicated by the Sun/Uranus opp. In other horoscopes the opp could play out in any one of numerous related ways, the central theme being emotional alienation and/or physical separation from the father.

Moving to H 10, Tr Venus is sq the Pluto/Moon MP in house 1 (10 M orb). In H 11 Tr Moon is conj Chiron (2 D 46 M orb), and N N (1 D 41 M orb), Sq Jupiter in H 2 (3 D 4 M orb) and widely opp N Saturn in H 5 (5 D 45 M orb). In H 12 Tr Vertex is Sq N Sun in H 9 (38 M orb). I must say here the Vertex is a mystery to me. There must be published information on it somewhere but I havenít found it yet. Iíll say this, though, Iíve seen it and Chiron prominent in many traumatic charts.

Before continuing I would like to regress briefly to point out a few things in the N chart that may be considered conducive to an untimely end. The Sun/Uranus opp was mentioned earlier. Pluto in H 1 and Uranus in H 3 are both quin Mars in h 8 (16 M orb), forming a yod with the H 8 Mars the focal point. Then note Aqu is on the H 4 cusp, ruled by the afflicted Uranus. It seems to me this deadly combination could be considered violently terminal.

Please note now that the timing of both charts was estimated. Iím sure there are those who know a lot more about rectification than I do. But to me, trying to pick a specific minute of the day for an Asc out of the 1,440 available, especially with only one traumatic incident to work with, is literally looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. With that in mind remember that if I have erred in the selection of the birth Asc then all previous mention of houses will be incorrect. Even if that is the case most of these powerful aspects are still intact when moved to other houses.

Looking at the secondary progressions the SP Asc is Sq N mercury (21 M orb). SP Moon in H 4 is dead Sq N Moon in late H 1 (11 M orb). Of course if the BT is incorrect the N Moon could move several degrees in either direction, progressively weakening the aspect the more it moved from its present location. In H 8 Tr Saturn is conj SP Venus (2 D 25 M orb) and SP Venus is conj N Vertex (1 D 13 M orb). Next, in H 8, SP Vertex is opposing the latest LE (1 D 00 M orb), and conj SP Mars (2 D 30 M orb), and SP Mars in H 8 at 4 Can 41 opp by Tr Chiron at 5 Cap 02 (21 M orb). Here I would like to emphasize my earlier comment on the prominence of Chiron and Vertex in charts charged with trauma. I donít think they have the raw energy of the outer planets that I could facetiously term "the meanies" but they both seem to point more to the emotions, and without emotions there could be no trauma. If this is the case, then these two are going to show up in most traumatic charts.

Conj the SP MC is SP mercury (1 D 55 M orb) Sq N Pluto in H 1 (18 M orb) The MC also squares N Pluto (1 D 37 M orb)

Wed. July 24. Another bit of news, somewhat contradictory to the last item: The newspaper says the child and her mother lived with the childís father until she was 10 months old. At some later date the mother remarried to a man with 2 children, 5 and 10, and that family group was still intact at the time of the transit.

Now I would like to move to the Solar Arc Directions. I will omit the aspects that are the same or similar to the secondary progressions. The SA horizontal axis Sq natal Mercury (49 M orb). In house 1 SA Pluto has arrived at the MP of its own N place and the N Moon (16 M orb). At the same time Tr Venus in H 10 sq this SA Pluto (6 M orb). SA Moon in H 2 opp the last SE (1 D 52 M orb). Tr Pluto and Moon SN are conj SA Moon (Pluto, 2 D 42 M orb)(SN, 2 deg. 4 min. orb). SA Moon is opp N Venus in H 8 (3 deg. 10 min. orb). In H 3 SA Neptune is opp by Tr Mars in H 9 (5 M orb). Here again is "the man of a different culture" hiding things from the public, transporting the child to an unknown place, and committing his weird and evil crime. SA Neptune is also conj N Uranus (41 M orb), tying the strange, sadistic desire, the secretiveness and the violence all together. As above, so below: when the planets are twisted together and convoluted in the sky the crime itself must be so involved that the whole, straight truth can never be known. It is quite likely that now, just a few days after the evil deed, the criminal himself could not tell it exactly as it happened, though Iím certain he remembers the highlights and what meant most to him.

SA Saturn, in H 5, is opp by Tr Moon (3 M orb). This is an extremely tight aspect, representing the Stark fear experienced by the child of this older person using his authoritative position to aggressively and forcefully take what he wanted. Again, lets remember that the distance of the actual transit time from the estimated transit time would move the Moon a corresponding distance away from the exact aspect. Also SA Saturn is involved in a number of wider aspects with N Nodes, Chiron and Jupiter.

SA Nodal axis, in H 5 and 11, is Sq by Tr Mercury and the last NM. Eclipses and Lunations are powerful indicators for the time periods they represent. Is it possible the meeting of this new Moon and the Nodes, aided by all the other pertinent aspects, of course, brought forth some business that had long been stored from a previous existence and only awaited the right time for culmination? I feel sure we could get answers to that question from both ends of the spectrum and all points in between.

When an astrologer looks at an aspect in an effort to determine its meaning, he sees it through his own unique personality, which is laid out in his own horoscope. Subconsciously hiding his weak points behind the strong ones there, and bringing forth the character he has developed through the ages, he peeks out through his own Ascendent, mixes the core meaning of the aspect with a generous amount of his subjective thinking, vigorously stirs the mix until the parts are unidentifiable, and makes his decision. Since no 2 people have the same historical background, which of course creates character, and determines the present horoscope, no 2 people, which includes astrologers, could ever have exactly the same opinion.

The Criminal

Having looked at the horoscope of the victim as related to the transit, both speculated, I would now like to do the same with the speculated horoscope of the accused. Again, beginning with the S E, it is found to be exactly opposite the N Mars/Uranus MP (2 M Orb). In innumerable horoscopes having this same aspect the Earthly manifestations will be many and varied. It would be a physical impossibility to list all the things it might evoke. But we are working with hindsight now and can at once see that in this particular horoscope it brought unspeakable savagery, a crime so heinous a comparatively normal person canít even understand how it could be done. This powerful aspect was in H 6 and 12, just a little over 6 degrees from the horizontal axis. And there was Tr Saturn, at the exact MP of the SE and the Asc (8 M orb) dumping its negative connotations of fear and restrictions on the child and sorrow, with all its related emotions, on the mother and the other loved ones. But ole Saturn, one of Godís oldest and most reliable delegated mobile agents in our little Solar system, like all the others, has many faces.

The fact that Tr Saturn Sq the N Sun of the accused immediately jumps out at the reader. This aspect is not dependent on the correct timing of the chart. In a whole 24 hour period Saturn could have only moved about 7 minutes of arc and this powerful aspect could have in no way been diminished in that time. Also, many times the energy is not released until the aspect is past partile, which is the case here.

Even if I have the wrong birth time of the accused and the house positions are different, the N Sun is in Pis, among many other things, the sign of prisons. Too, the N Sun is less than 3 degrees from the last SE. These are indications to me that he will be apprehended and incarcerated, which indeed he was before I even embarked on this astrological road to ruin.

In the maze of aspects I got caught up in I was forced to delay mention of the L E. It was at 3 Cap 11, conj the Jupiter/Pluto MP (23 M orb) in H 7, other people. The core meanings of these two include magnification, or expansion for Jupiter and death and regeneration for Pluto. It is easy to see how this deadly aspect contributed to the final outcome of this tragedy.

Moving to H 2, Tr Mercury is at the cusp. Tr Sun, Jupiter and Mars also occupy that H. Tr Sun and Jupiter are both in trine aspect to their N counterparts, assuring him much better treatment from his captors than he deserves. Tr Sun is also Sq N Chiron (1 D 34 M orb) and N Venus (1 D 08 M orb) in H 11. It is my opinion that these 2, Chiron and Venus, conj in H 11 of the birth chart, point directly to "pleasure derived from the suffering of young females" and the Tr Sun Sq these points added color to the picture. H 2, being the opposite of H 8, is considered "the H of other peopleís death" and is tenanted with more Tr than any other H.

Now, still in H 2, we come to what is probably the most violent aspect between the horoscope we are using for the criminalís birth and the one we are using for the Tr. Tr Mars is Sq his N Uranus in Plutoís sign of Sco (8 M orb). I would say any aspect between Mars and Uranus is stressful, with the trine and sex less so. The Conj, Sq and opp are the worst of the "baddies." But one of these most stressful aspects (Tr Mars Conj, Sq or Opp N Unanus) regularly touches this criminal, and each of us, approximately once every 172 days throughout our lives. Many of these times can, and do pass with little or no visible effects. But when the Tr and Prog aspects begin to pile up, each one supporting the other in a violent way, then violence is mandated.

The comparison between the charts of the criminal and the victim is still ahead, but one chilling aspect between the two comes through so forcefully that it must be addressed here. In the victimís chart I noted that Tr Mars opp her N Uranus and indicated it was most likely the strongest aspect affecting her chart. In the paragraph above I noted Tr Mars was Sq his N Uranus suggesting it was the most violent there. The stark reality is N Uranus in each chart Sq the other with an orb of only 38 minutes, and Tr Mars was strongly afflicting both of them at the time. Violence was assured when these two came together at the time of this planetary pattern.

Tr Venus, at 6 Vir 12, (young virgin) is approaching N H 4 cusp (1 D 1 M orb) and Sq N Nodes (1 D 25 M orb). It also Sq the prenatal LE at 7 Gem 01 (49 M orb) and is conj the Prenatal F M at 6 Vir 49 (37 M orb). The Tr Asc, at 7 Gem 56 is also conj the prenatal LE (55 M orb) and Sq the prenatal F M (1 D 7 M orb). Make no mistake about it, when transiting or progressed points of energy touch the prenatal Eclipses and Lunations, these are strong aspects. I feel information in these areas is sadly lacking and much research is needed.

Transit Moon in house 5 Opposes the midpoint of natal Moon and Chiron/Venus (1 D 15 M orb), Sq the Sun/Uranus MP in H 7 (52 M Orb) and N Saturn in H 1 (1 D 9 M orb) and had passed the conj with his N Pluto near his H 5 cusp at 5:36 PM (std. time) the previous evening. (Could this have been the time of the abduction? (Saturday, August 10: An article in this morningís paper sayís the time of the kidnapping was about 5:45 PM, std. Time). Information has come to me in bits and pieces, some of it unreliable, so there are many details I donít have. And we canít forget that N Pluto, in its stressful aspects to those points mentioned above, brought its dark side to bear on all points of this strange and dangerous manís personality.

I believe these aspects in the N chart just mentioned created strong sadistic desires in this man, born with an aggressive chip on his shoulder, to deal out strange and unusual suffering and misery, physical and emotional, to young females. He loved it.!!! It gave him the thrill he could get in no other way. It makes me wonder how many times he got away with, maybe not murder, but rape and molestation of children before he was finally caught.

Tr Pluto, R in H 6, is approaching the Sq to N Sun/MH MP in H 10 (26 M orb). (He has damaged his own reputation beyond repair). Tr SN is conj Tr Pluto and both Nodes are Sq that same MP in H 10 (1 D 4 M orb). Note that the Nodes, N, Tr and Prog, are in H 6 and 12. Could he, now in his jail cell, be paying also for long past transgressions?

And little Chiron, who I believe never kills but most always attends the funeral, is in H 7, R, approaching a Conj with that deadly Jupiter/Pluto MP, mentioned earlier, at 3 Cap 34 (1 D 28 M orb) and the last L E (1 D 51 M orb). Tr Neptune, having just entered H 8 retrograde from H 9, is approaching a conj to N Mars (2 D 4 M orb) (deadly, secret violence) and trine N Pluto in very late H 4 (1 D 42 M orb) ( all aspects of the crime were shrouded in mystery and he deceived himself by thinking he would not be caught).

In H 9 Tr Uranus, R in his own sign, was conj N Mercury (1 D 40 M orb). (Note that these two are also trine N Asc. With N mercury, Mars and H 9 cusp all in Aqu, I believe this manís total philosophy on life was far from the norm and also that he would look outside his own culture for victims, and Mercury again indicating young ones).

Moving now to the Secondary Progressions, the last NM at 18 Can 00 is exactly Conj the N H 2 cusp, Tr Mercury at 18 Can 10 (10 M orb) and SP Asc at 19 Can 53 (1 D 53 M orb). The SP Asc Sq N Chiron (2 D 15 M orb) and N Venus (2 D 41 M orb). This supports the other moving aspects that afflict these 2 N points of energy, mentioned earlier.

In late N H 4 the IC has moved to within 1 D 11 M of Prog Pluto and 1 D 56 M of N Pluto. Note that the MP of N and SP Pluto is 7 Lib 58, trine to the minute, N Mars and is itself Trined from the Tr Asc

(2 M orb). SP Pluto is also in a past partile Trine to N Mars, bearing out the fact that in many cases the energy is activated soon after the culmination of the aspect.

SP Vertex in H 6 is conjunct NN, (7 M orb to the SP and 1 D 33 M orb to N). I have read that aspects between SP points are not to be considered but my experience does not bear this out.

Moving to H 9 Tr Uranus is there, as mentioned above, not only Conj N Mercury but also Conj Prog Mars. Here again, in this triune aspect, we see sudden, impulsive, unusual and perverted aggressive action toward a young person of a different culture. Of course we have to take the whole horoscope into consideration, but I feel this aspect, along with the Tr Mars Sq N Uranus in H 5 are the two aspects that lead the pack. I also think the crime could not have been committed without them. SP Moon in H 10 at 2 Ari 16 has just past the Conj to itís own N place at 1 Ari 23 (55 M orb) and Sq that powerful N Jupiter/Pluto MP in H 7 at 3 Cap 34 (1 D 18 M orb) and itself is Sq by the LE at 3 Cap 11(55 M orb). Deadly action against another person was indicated here. The Moon indicating that person would be a female, and multiple aspects elsewhere in the chart indicating she would be a young one. This aspect was also mingled with, and complicated by, the proximity of SP Jupiter and MC, These last 2 also Sq by the past partile, R, Tr Chiron in H 7.

At the cusp of H 11 is SP Mercury. It is Sq N and SP Saturn in H 1 and the critical N Sun/Uranus MP in H 7 (1 D 29 M orb for Saturn and 1 D 46 M for the MP) and itself was Sq by Tr Moon in H 5 (2 D 38 M orb) about 5 hours earlier. Here again is strong indication this man forced himself on the unprotected child for his own twisted and perverted pleasure, the passage of the Tr Moon in H 5 indicating the prolonged ordeal for the child.

Further in H 11 is SP Sun at 19 Ari 38, dead square the horizontal axis at 19 Can/Cap 53 (15 M orb). His impulsive, aggressive acts were not only detrimental to others, but to himself as well. SP Sun is also Sq by Tr Mercury at 18 Can 10 (1 D 28 M orb). Can this last point to his transporting the child from her home? And could it also point to the child at home who contributed the information leading to his capture?

SP Chiron is also in H 11 at 23 Ari 42, Sq exactly to the minute, by Tr Sun. One could say this aspect allowed the vile act but guaranteed the punishment.

In H 12 is SP Venus, Sq that extremely critical grouping of N mercury (58 M orb), Tr Uranus (2 D 38 M orb) and Prog Mars (3 D 14 M orb) in H 9. Venus here supports the opinion that he took his pleasure from a young female but I think it also increased his own emotional stress at the same time. It is possible also that being in house 12 it assisted in his incarceration.

Looking at the Solar Arcs, the Nodes in H 1 and 7, only a few degrees past the horizontal axis, are Sq the N Moon (28 M orb), with NN in H 7 being conj the N Jupiter/Pluto MP (1 D 43 M orb) and the LE at 3 Cap 11. (1 D 20 M orb) This tied in with the SP H 10 aspects at these points and added fuel to the fire smoldering deep within this evil being, and as the aspects culminated, fanned it to a white hot flame. With Pluto and the Nodes involved here could this be another pointer to something related to a past existence coming to the fore?

In H 2 T Sun is conj SA Asc at 23 Can 08 (34 M orb) and both of these points is just past the Sq to N Venus and Chiron. Creating pain, misery and fear in the young female child, in his twisted mind, boosted his ego and made him feel like a big man. Note that H 2 connotation of self worth here.

Near the cusp of H 3 is SA Saturn at 9 Leo 01 opp N Mars at 7 Aqu 58 (1 D 3 M orb), T Neptune at 10 Aqu 02 (1 D 1 M orb), Trine to N Neptune (2 D 47 M orb) and Sex N Pluto (41 M orb). With Saturn in Leo he was on an ego high (Saturn: I know everything) (Leo: Iím the greatest) and was blind to the fact that both Neptunes were leading him into what could be termed "total chaos for life" by committing the obsessive crime the N Mars/Pluto Trine drove him to.

May 21, 2005

2-45 PM Std. Time

This treatise was left unfinished almost three years ago. At this late date most of the details cited above have long been forgotten and I have no desire to delve into them again so I am going to leave it as is. It happens that just a week or two ago Avila was sentenced to die in the California gas chamber. I have an often repeated saying that I think aptly applies here, "Iíve been lied to before." With several hundred criminals on the California death row, some who have been there for many years, it is likely he will die of old age in prison, unless those in charge at some later date free him to prey on young female children again.


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