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By Ralph R. Moore


Oct. 9, 2003

11:25:15 Std. Time

Mission Viejo, CA.


   Would you have been one of the folks in medieval times who laughed at the theory that the Earth was round? If so the following words could give you a good laugh.

   The theory here is that the Earth is  GROWING. It takes some one with a simple mind to come up with this idea. It is too far below the brilliant minds with highly complicated thought processes.

   Letís start this way: we know energy and matter are interchangeable. The Sun graces all vegetation but we will use just one tree in this illustration. The Sun shines on the tree and the tree ABSORBS the Sunís energy. That energy is TRAPPED by the tree and as the tree grows it changes this trapped energy to MATTER, which can never naturally escape the gravity of Earth.

   We also know the tree gets much of its life sustaining material from the soil. Now we have to separate that which comes from the Earth and which comes from the Sun. When this tree dies and disintegrates that which came from the Earth returns to it. THAT WHICH CAME FROM THE SUN IS ADDED TO THE MASS AND WEIGHT OF THE EARTH. Yes, that tiny bit of added mass and weight from the one tree is so very small as to make it immeasurable. But the process is inexorable, though it may take millions of years to notice the difference. The millions of years and the billions of tons of vegetation go about their work without emotion or the consideration of Man. We are parasites on this Earth and so far as I have been able to see, most parasites have little knowledge of their host.

   Now it may take little thought, but a lot of imagination to carry this wild and laughable theory a little further. Since the Earth is growing, that is, getting larger and heavier, it is changing the gravitational balance between the Sun and itself. That means the Earth is very slowly moving away from the Sun. That increases the distance the Earth must travel around the Sun in its orbit, meaning slowly but surely the years are getting longer.

   Some months ago I read that one or more scientists were saying the days are slowly getting longer. Could this be related to the changing size of Earth?

   There has been a question in my mind for many years and this may be the reason for this growth theory. Always, when archeologists seek physical evidence of ancient people, they DIG for it. WHY? If the size of Earth is not changing, anything left by the ancients should be laying on the ground in plain sight. One could come up with numerous reasons for this. The mountain eroded and the eroded material was washed over the area and covered everything. The winds over the centuries  carried soil and debris covering everything or the area was flooded and the same thing occurred. That is just a few of the obvious reasons we could think of. It was said above that archeologists ALWAYS dig, and I think most will agree with that. Now this is my question: has every place they have ever dug been covered by some such occurrence as mentioned above?

   If you are among the ones who laugh, the time is now, if you are not already rolling on the floor.

Mission Viejo, CA

Oct. 9, 2003

1:45 PM std time


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