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    Sometime in October 2002, The actual date is fuzzy, I discovered what I have designated the “chart midpoint” and looking for a simple abbreviation came up with this “C-M/P.”  To be more specific it is actually 4 points rather than one. The first point is the midpoint between the midheaven and the ascendent. This is a point that is well known to all and is always included in the M/P list in the computer program.

   What I found was that in every chart the midpoints of the other 3 quadrants are the same degree of the same quadruplicity as the first. To illustrate this I will use my own chart: MH/ASC M/P=11

Taurus 28--ASC/IC M/P=11Leo 28--IC/DEC M/P=11 Scorpio 28 --DEC/MH M/P=11 Aquarius 28.

   Since this information is too bulky to write in the horoscope I decided to use only the first. This is the M/P between the MH and the ASC, in this case 11 Taurus 28. This, for simplicity, I call the chart midpoint, keeping in mind all the while that there are actually 4 points of the same degree and quadruplicity. To keep it from being confused with other points of energy I write it this way with a circle around it: C-M/P 11 Taurus 28. When there are multiple charts I precede this with the necessary descriptive letters such as : N. C-M/P for natal, or S.P. C-M/P for secondary prog.

   At this time there is no way for me to say what these points mean. It has been 9 days since I first stumbled on this and I have inserted it into a number of charts. It SEEMS to point to strong personality traits, ones we may have even had to resort to minor aspects to previously justify.

   One last point on this: it may be that others have used these points before. I can only say I have never seen or heard of them being used, or even mentioned. There is also the possibility that I’m just chasing my tail, but I FEEL that is not the case.


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