The Base Frame


The Base Frame
The Chart Midpoint
The Victim


This is a very lengthy and detailed treatise. It is not likely there will be many who make a detailed study of it but it is here for those who will. Since it could be of interest to Astrologers only no effort was made to put it in lay terms.


Dec. 4, 2000 at 7-05 pm.*

*All references to time are Pacific Standard Time, at Mission Viejo, California.

Longitude: 117 W 40------Latitude: 33 N 36

The BASE FRAME is the term I have given to a group of 7 astrological points. I believe these points to be the basic framework on which the horoscope rests. These points are:

  1. Solar Eclipse (SE)
  2. Lunar Eclipse (LE)
  3. New Moon (NM)
  4. Full Moon (FM)
  5. Eclipse Midpoint (EMP)
  6. Lunation Midpoint (LMP)
  7. Final Midpoint (FMP)

The Information I've been able to gather tells me some astrologers, on some occasions, use the first 4 points, the eclipses and the new and full moons, in a loose way. Many others ignore them completely. I have never heard or read of anyone using, or even mentioning, the last 3, the midpoints.

It is my intention to show here they are all important points that should be referred to, and relied upon in the reading of any horoscope, and by so doing that reading will be enhanced.

The practicing astrologer, like all others who must earn their livelihood, is pressed for time. Many decisions are made every day about how we use our time, most of them instantly, without conscious thought. But it may be to your advantage to take time to go through the following charts and see for yourself how the points of the Base Frame relate to the horoscope. For the doubtful, (and the believers too), if you have any interest at all, I suggest you apply them to your own chart, and the charts of your clients, and form your own opinion.


To be Brief the initials only will be used.

To start, lets assume a point in time:

Dec. 4, 2000. 7:05 pm.

  1. Last S/E, 8 degrees, 12 minutes Leo. (July 30, 2000. 6:25 pm).
  2. Last L/E, 24 degrees, 19 minutes Capricorn (July 16, 2000. 5:55 am).
  3. Last N/M, 4 degrees, 0 minutes Sagittarius (Nov. 25 2000. 3:11 pm).
  4. Last F/M, 19 degrees, 47 minutes Taurus (Nov. 11, 2000. 1:15 pm).
  5. EMP, the half way, (midpoint) between the SE and LE = 1 degree, 16 minutes Scorpio.
  6. LMP, the half way (midpoint) between the NM and FM =26 degrees, 54 minutes Aquarius.
  7. FMP, the half way (midpoint) between the EMP and the LMP =29 degrees, 5 minutes Sagittarius.


Concisely listed:

SE 8 Leo 12

LE 24 Capricorn 19

NM 4 Sagittarius 00

FM 19 Taurus 47

EMP 1 Scorpio 16

LMP 26 Aquarius 54

FMP 29 Sagittarius 05


This Base Frame had its origin with the eclipses and their midpoint in July. These 3 points remain the same during the entire eclipse period, that is until the next eclipse occurs. As 3 of the other 4 points must change with each lunation, this gives us a new base frame roughly every 15 days. Since each NM and each FM lasts for roughly a month, each one of them will be a part of 2 consecutive base frames. The Taurus FM was a part of the previous one and the Sagittarian NM will be a part of the next.

The Base Frame above came into being Nov. 25, 2000 at 3:11 pm with the NM at 4 Sagittarius 00 and ended at the next FM Dec. 11, 2000 at 1:03 am. Any one in the world, or any thing, born between these 2 lunations would have the above as their prenatal base frame. To those born before, it is a transiting base frame.

Prenatal Base Frame referred to as PBF

Transit Base Frame referred to as TBF

For several years now I have added both to my horoscopes and have seen how they interact. It is my belief that the PBF, in conjunction with the natal chart, gives us the key to our lifetime challenges, and if these challenges are successfully met, possibly to our greatest accomplishments. Note that the PBF is established BEFORE the birth, in the case of the eclipses and their midpoint, sometimes months before. Then when the birth comes some points in the natal horoscope aspect, and interact with, some points in the PBF. This interaction continues throughout life with transits and progressions AND many times the TBF aspects the PBF.

In the case of the TBF, I believe it brings to the fore the things we will be most concerned with during that period. Where a problem is long lasting and persists through numerous TBFs, I think new aspects of the problem will arise as the TBF changes from one to another.

Two charts will be used to illustrate what has been said. The first is the generally accepted horoscope of Mohandas K. Gandhi (origin unknown). We will examine his PBF and the last TBF prior to his assassination in this order:

(1) Natal chart to PBF

(2) Transits at death to PBF

(3) Progressions at death to PBF

(4) TBF to PBF

(5) TBF to natal chart

(6) Transits at death to TBF

(7) Progressions at death to TBF

His Prenatal Base Frame (PBF):

SE 15 Leo 21

LE-- 0 Aquarius 40

NM 13 Virgo 39

FM 27 Pisces 53

EMP 8 Scorpio 00

LMP 20 Gemini 46

FMP 29 Leo 23


Last Transit Base Frame (TBF)

Since we are looking at Jan. 30, 1948, we must reach back to 1947 for the eclipses. There was only one LE, earlier that year, so the TBF active at our time had none. This also means that there was no EMP. So in this TBF we have only 5 points instead of 7. (There are times, just after the eclipses, when there are only 3 points, the 2 eclipses and their midpoint).

This 5 point TBF is what we will use in this study, but it poses this question: should we reach back to the previous LE and use it? (For the record only, that LE was at 12 Sagittarius 22, exactly conjunct his natal Saturn at 12 Sagittarius 23 in house 2).

Last TBF

SE 19 Scorpio 35

NM 20 Capricorn 00

FM 5 Leo 15

LMP 27 Libra 37

FMP 8 Scorpio 36

The figures to the right of the aspects are the degrees and minutes of orb from exact. Maximum orb is 5 degrees.

(1) Natal Chart To PBF


(a) Venus square SE (1d 5m)

(b) Mars square SE (3d 3m )

(c) Saturn Trine SE (2d 58m)

(d) Neptune Trine SE (3d 4m)

(e) Pluto Square SE (2d 18m)

(f) Jupiter Square SE (4d 50m)

(g) Moon Conjunct SE (4d 37m)

(h) Ascendant Square LE (4d 3m)

(i) Mercury Square LE (3d 6m)

(j) Nodes Square LE (3d 31m)

(k) Venus Sextile NM (2d 47m)

(l) Saturn Square NM (1d 16m)

(m) Pluto Trine NM (4d 00m)

(n) Ascendant quincunx FM (0d 16m)

(o) Midheaven Trine FM (1d 7m)


(p) Mercury Conjunct EMP (4d 14m)

(q) Nodes Square EMP (3d 49m)

(r) Chiron Quincunx EMP (2d 38m)


(s) Venus Quincunx LMP (4d 20m)

(t) Mars Quincunx LMP (2d 22m)

(u) Neptune Sextile LMP (2d 21m)

(v) Moon Sextile LMP (0d 48m)


(w) Ascendant Sextile FMP (2d 46m)

(x) Mercury Sextile FMP (4d 23m)


(2) Transits At Death To PBF

(a) Nodes Square SE (3d 55m)

(b) Venus Quincunx SE (0d 12m)

(c) Pluto Conjunct SE (1d 29m)

(d) Saturn Conjunct SE (4d 39m)

(e) Neptune Sextile SE (2d 25m)


(f) Ascendant Opposed LE (0d 29m)

(g) Mars Quincunx LE (3d 45m)


(h) Sun Quincunx NM (4d 9m)

(i) Venus Square NM (1d 30m)

(j) Chiron Trine FM (4d 44m)

(j) Ascendant trine FM (2d 18m)


(k) Sun Square EMP (1d 30m)

(l) Mars Sextile EMP (3d 35m)


(m) South Node Quincunx LMP (1d 30m)

(n) Chiron Quincunx LMP (2d 43m)

(o) Jupiter Opposed LMP (0d 18m)

(p) Midheaven Sextile LMP (1d 45m)

(q) Uranus Conjunct LMP (1d 44m)

(r) Saturn Sextile LMP (0d 46m)


(s) Mercury Opposed FMP (2d 53m)


(3) Progressions At Death To PBF


(a) Mars Quincunx SE (1d 4m)

(b) Venus Opposed SE (0d 33m)

(c) Neptune Trine SE (1d 27m)

(d) Jupiter Square SE (3d 52m)

(e) Pluto Square SE (0d 58m)

(f) Midheaven Sextile SE (2d 1m)


(g) South Node conjunct LE (0d 38m)

(h) Chiron Sextile LE (2d 39m)

(i) Moon Quincunx LE (2d 14m)

(j) Mars Trine NM (2d 46m)

(k) Venus Quincunx NM (1d 9m)

(l) Neptune Quincunx NM (3d 9m)

(m) Jupiter Trine NM (2d 10m)

(n) Pluto Trine NM (2d 40 m)

(o) Sun Square FM (0d 16m)

(p) Mercury Square FM (2d 58m)

(q) South Node Sextile FM (2d 9m)

(r) North Node Trine FM (2d 9m)


(s) Ascendant Sextile EMP (2d 21m)

(t) Jupiter Opposed EMP (3d 29m)


(u) Saturn Opposed LMP (0d 13m)

(v) Neptune Sextile LMP (3d 58m)

(w) Vertex Sextile LMP (1d 49m)

(x) Midheaven Trine LMP (3d 24m)


(y) Sun Trine FMP (1d 46m)

(z) Mercury Trine FMP (1d 28m)

(z2)South Node Quincunx FMP (0d 39m)

(z3) Chiron Quincunx FMP (3d 56m)

(z4) Moon Sextile FMP (3d 31m)


(4) TBF To PBF


(a) SE Square SE (4d 14m)

(b) SE Quincunx LMP (1d 11m)

(c) NM Quincunx SE (4d 39m)

(d) NM Quincunx LMP (0d 46m)

(e) FM Square EMP (2d 45m)

(f) LMP Quincunx LE (3d 3m)

(g) LMP Quincunx FM (0d 16m)

(h) LMP Sextile FMP (1d 46m)

(i) FMP Conjunct EMP (0d 36m)


(5) TBF To Natal Chart


(a) SE Conjunct Venus (3d 9m)

(b) SE Conjunct Mars (1d 11m)

(c) SE Quincunx Neptune (1d 10m)

(d) SE Opposed Pluto (1d 56m)

(e) SE Opposed Jupiter (0d 36m)

(f) SE Trine Uranus (2d 6m)

(g) SE Square Moon (0d 23m)


(h) NM Sextile Venus (3d 34m)

(i) NM Sextile Mars (1d 36m)

(j) NM Square Neptune (1d 35m)

(k) NM Trine Pluto (2d 21m)

(l) NM Trine Jupiter (0d 11m)

(m) NM Opposed Uranus (1d 41m)

(n) NM Quincunx Moon (0d 2m)


(o) FM Square Mercury (1d 29m)

(p) FM Conjunct North node (1d 4m)

(q) FM Sextile Sun (3d 41m)


(r) LMP Conjunct Ascendant (1d 0m)

(s) LMP Square Midheaven (0d 51m)


(t) FMP Conjunct Mercury (4d 50m)

(u) FMP Square Nodes (4d 25m)


(6) Transits At Death To TBF


(a) Saturn Square SE (0d 25m)

(b) South Node Conjunct SE (0d 19m)

(c) Chiron Conjunct SE (3d 54m)

(d) Venus Trine SE (4d 26m)

(e) Uranus Quincunx SE (2d 55m)

(f) Saturn Quincunx NM (0d 0m)

(g) South Node Sextile NM (0d 44m)

(h) North Node Trine NM (0d 44m)

(i) Chiron Sextile NM (3d 29m)

(j) Venus Sextile NM (4d 51m)

(k) Midheaven Square NM (2d 31m)

(l) Uranus Quincunx NM (2d 30m)

(m) Moon Sextile FM (2d 35m)

(n) Vertex Trine FM (1d 27m)

(o) Sun Opposed FM (4d 15m)


(p) Mercury Trine LMP (1d 7m)

(q) Mars Sextile FMP (4d 11m)

(r) Sun Square FMP (0d 54m)


(7) S.P. Progressions At Death To TBF


(a) Mars Sextile SE (3d 10m)

(b) Venus Square SE (4d 47m)

(c) Neptune Quincunx SE (2d 47m)

(d) Pluto Square SE (3d 16m)

(e) Uranus Trine SE (1d 17m)

(f) Vertex Square SE (3d 0m)

(g) Mars Conjunct NM (3d 35m)

(h) Neptune Square NM (3d 12m)

(i) Pluto Trine NM (3d 41m)

(j) Uranus Opposed NM (0d 52m)

(k) Vertex Quincunx NM (2d 35m)

(l) Midheaven Square NM (2d 38m)

(m) Ascendant Quincunx FM (0d 24m)

(n) Chiron Trine FM (1d 56m)

(o) Sun Sextile LMP (0d 0m)

(p) Mercury Sextile LMP (3d 14m)


(q) Ascendant Sextile FMP (2d 57m)

(r) Jupiter Opposed FMP (2d 53m)

There was no intention to bring in house cusps, except the Ascendant and Midheaven, but one is so strong and precise, itís irresistible. That is the final midpoint in the TBF, at 8 Scorpio 36, square, to the minute, the cusps of Houses 2 and 8 in the progressed chart AND conjunct his PBF EMP AT 8 Scorpio 00.

Next we will examine the Gemini Ascendant horoscope of the United States in relation to the first national news broadcast of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The nearest I am able to place time for this broadcast, and the time we will use, is 2:22 PM, EST, Dec. 7, 1941, though the actual attack had been in progress for about an hour at that time.

Though there are other horoscopes for the U.S. the Gemini Ascendant chart seems the most popular and, right or wrong, the one I have always used.

The U.S. prenatal base frame (PBF)

  • SE 0 Pisces 34
  • LE 15 Leo 28
  • NM 25 Gemini 26
  • FM 10 Capricorn 13
  • EMP 23 Taurus 01
  • LMP 2 Aries 50
  • FMP 27 Aries 56

Last Transit Base Frame (TBF) (Prior to Broadcast)

  • SE 27 Virgo 49
  • LE 12 Pisces 44
  • NM 26 Scorpio 17
  • FM 11 Gemini 20
  • EMP 20 Sagittarius 16
  • LMP 3 Virgo 48
  • FMP 27 Libra 02

Using the same sequence as before, we will begin with:

(1) Natal chart to PBF


(a) Venus Trine SE (1d 47m)

(b) Vertex Trine SE (2d 37m)

(c) Midheaven Opposed LE (1d 31m)

(d) Moon Opposed LE (2d 40m)


(e) Mars Conjunct NM 4d 29m)

(f) Neptune Square NM (3d 2m)

(g) Pluto Quincunx NM (2d 36m)


(h) Ascendant Quincunx FM (2d 38m)

(i) Uranus Quincunx FM (1d 20m)

(j) SUN Opposed FM (2d 31m)

(k) North Node Quincunx FM (2d 35m)

(l) Saturn Square FM (4d 34m)

(m) Chiron Trine FM (1d 56m)

(n) Mercury Sextile EMP (1d 27m)

(o) Neptune Trine EMP (0d 37m)

(p) Moon Square EMP (4d 53m)

(q) Venus Square LMP (0d 29m)

(r) Jupiter Square LMP (2d 57m)

(s) North Node Trine LMP (4d 48m)

(t) South Node Sextile LMP (4d 48m)

(u) Vertex Quincunx LMP (0d 21m)

(v) Pluto Sextile LMP (4d 48m)

(w) Mercury Square FMP (3d 28m)

(x) Pluto Square FMP (0d 6m)


(2) Transits at broadcast to PBF


(a) Ascendant Sextile SE (1d 13m)

(b) Uranus Square SE (2d 55m)

(c) Moon Quincunx SE (1d 46m)

(d) Neptune Quincunx SE (0d 51m)

(e) Jupiter Sextile LE (1d 2m)

(f) Chiron Conjunct LE (0d 59m)

(g) Vertex Sextile LE (1d 32m)

(h) Sun Trine LE (0d 9m)

(i) South Node Quincunx LE (2d 40m)

(j) Midheaven Quincunx LE (2d 41m)

(k) Mars Trine LE (0d 6m)

(l) Neptune Square NM (4d 17m)

(m) Pluto Quincunx FM (4d 37m)

(n) Chiron Quincunx FM (4d 16m)

(o) Vertex Square FM (3d 43m)

(p) Saturn Conjunct EMP (0d 27m)

(q) Uranus Conjunct EMP (4d 38m)

(r) North Node Trine EMP (4d 53m)

(s) South Node Sextile EMP (4d 53m)

(t) Midheaven Trine EMP (4d 52m)

(u) Pluto Trine LMP (2d 46m)

(v) Neptune Opposed LMP (3d 7m)

(w) Venus Sextile LMP (1d 11m)

(x) Ascendant Conjunct FMP (3d 51m)

(y) Moon Square FMP (0d 52m)

(z) Neptune Quincunx FMP (1d 47m)

(z2)Venus Square FMP (3d 43m)


(3) S.P. Progressions at broadcast to PBF


(a) Saturn Trine SE (0d 17m)

(b) Chiron Sextile SE (4d 0m)

(c) Vertex Square SE (3d 52m)

(d) Midheaven Quincunx SE (3d 10m)

(e) North node Quincunx SE (1d 52m)

(f) Neptune Quincunx SE (3d 30m)

(g) Mars Quincunx SE (0d 17m)

(h) Mercury Trine LE (1d 33m)

(i) Ascendant trine NM (1d 57m)

(j) Sun Opposed NM (0d 1m)

(k) Venus Quincunx NM (1d 49m)

(l) Pluto Quincunx NM (2d 5m)

(m) South Node Quincunx NM (3d 26m)

(n) Neptune Square NM (1d 38m)

(o) Mars Square NM (4d 51m)


(p) Moon Sextile FM (3d 45m)

(q) Uranus Quincunx FM (1d 56m)

(r) Ascendant Quincunx EMP (0d 28m)

(s) Sun Quincunx EMP (2d 26m)

(t) Venus Trine EMP (4d 14m)

(u) Pluto Trine EMP (4d 30 m)

(V) Vertex Conjunct EMP (3d 41m)

(w) Jupiter Sextile EMP (0d 14m)

(x) Midheaven Sextile EMP (4d 23m)

(y) Neptune Trine EMP (4d 3m)

(z) Saturn Quincunx LMP (1d 59m)

(z2) Mars Opposed LMP (2d 33m)

(z3) Ascendant Opposed FMP (4d 27m)

(z4) Saturn Opposed FMP (2d 55m)

(z5) Sun Trine FMP (2d 27m)

(z6) Venus Square FMP (0d 41m)

(z7) Pluto Square FMP (0d 25m)

(z8) Nodes Square FMP (1d 2m)

(z9) Jupiter Square FMP (4d 41m)

(z10) Midheaven Square FMP (0d 32m)

(z11) Neptune Quincunx FMP (0d 52m)

(z12) Mars Quincunx FMP (2d 21m)


(4) TBF To PBF


(a) SE Quincunx SE (2d 45m)

(b) SE Square NM (2d 23m)

(c) SE Trine EMP (4d 48m)

(d) SE Quincunx FMP (0d 7m)


(e) LE Quincunx LE (2d 44m)

(f) LE Sextile FM (2d 31m)

(g) NM Square SE (4d 17m)

(h) NM Quincunx NM (0d 51m)

(i) NM Opposed EMP (3d 16m)

(j) NM Quincunx FMP (1d 39m)

(k) FM Sextile LE (4d 8m)

(l) FM Quincunx FM (1d 7m)

(m) EMP Trine SE (4d 48m)

(n) EMP Quincunx EMP (2d 45m)

(o) LMP Opposed SE (3d 14m)

(p) LMP Quincunx LMP (0d 58m)

(q) FMP Trine SE (3d 32m)

(r) FMP Trine NM (1d 36m)

(s) FMP Quincunx EMP (4d 1m)

(t) FMP Opposed FMP (0d 54m)


(5) TBF to natal chart


(a) SE Square Venus (4d 32m)

(b) SE Sextile Mercury (3d 21m)

(c) SE Trine Pluto (0d 13m)

(d) LE Square Uranus (3d 51)

(e) LE Trine Sun (0d 0m)

(f) LE Quincunx Saturn (2d 3m)

(g) NM Trine Mercury (1d 49m)

(h) NM Sextile Neptune (3d 53)

(i) NM Sextile Pluto (1d 45m)

(j) FM Conjunct Ascendant (3d 45m)

(k) FM Conjunct Uranus (2d 27m)

(l) FM Sextile North Node (3d 42m)

(m) FM Trine North Node (3d 42m)

(n) FM Trine Saturn (3d 27m)

(o) FM Trine Midheaven (2d 37m)

(p) EMP Opposed Mars (0d 41m)

(q) EMP Quincunx Mercury (4d 16m)

(r) EMP Square Neptune (2d 8m)

(s) EMP Sextile Moon (2d 8m)

(t) LMP Square Ascendant (3d 47m)

(u) LMP Sextile Venus (1d 27m)

(v) LMP Sextile Jupiter (1d 59m)

(w) LMP Sextile Vertex (0d 37m)

(x) LMP Quincunx South node (3d 50m)

(y) LMP Trine Chiron (4d 29m)

(z) FMP Square Mercury (2d 34m)

(z2) FMP Square Pluto (1d 0m)


(6) Transits at broadcast to TBF


(a) Ascendant Quincunx SE (3d 58m)

(b) Saturn Trine SE (4d 21m)

(c) Uranus Trine SE (0d 10m)

(d) Moon Sextile SE (0d 59m)

(e) Neptune Conjunct SE (2d 6m)

(f) Venus Trine SE (3d 55m)

(g) Jupiter Square LE (3d 46m)

(h) Chiron Quincunx LE (2d 45m)

(i) Vertex Quincunx LE (1d 12m)

(j) Sun Square LE (2d 35m)

(k) Saturn Opposed NM (2d 49m)

(l) Uranus Opposed NM (1d 22m)

(m) Moon Trine NM (2d 31m)

(n) Neptune Sextile NM (3d 26m)

(o) Chiron Sextile FM (3d 9m)

(p) Vertex Trine FM (2d 36m)

(q) Mercury Opposed FM (3d 51m)

(r) Sun Opposed FM (3d 59m)

(s) Mars Sextile FM (4d 14m)

(t) Saturn Quincunx EMP (3d 12m)

(u) Jupiter Opposed EMP (3d 46m)

(v) Nodes Square EMP (2d 8m)

(W) Mars Trine EMP (4d 42m)

(x) Ascendant Trine LMP (2d 1m)

(y) Mercury Square LMP (3d 41m)

(z) Venus Quincunx LMP (2d 9m)

(z2) Ascendant Opposed FMP (4d 45m)

(z3) Saturn Quincunx FMP (3d 34m)

(z4) Uranus Quincunx FMP (0d 37m)

(z5) Moon Square FMP (1d 46m)

(7) S.P. Progressed at broadcast to TBF


(a) Sun Square SE (2d 22m)

(b) Venus Trine SE (0d 34m)

(c) Pluto Trine SE (0d 18m)

(d) South Node Trine SE (1d 3m)

(e) North Node Sextile SE (1d 3m)

(f) Vertex Trine SE (1d 7m)

(g) Jupiter Trine SE (4d 34m)

(h) Midheaven Sextile SE (0d 25m)

(i) Neptune Conjunct SE (0d 45m)

(j) Mars Conjunct SE (2d 28m)


(k) Mercury Square LE (4d 17m)

(l) Uranus Square LE (4d 27m)

(m) Venus Sextile NM (0d 58m)

(n) Pluto Sextile NM (1d 14m)

(o) South Node Sextile NM (2d 35m)

(p) North Node Sextile NM (2d 35m)

(q) Vertex Opposed NM (0d 25m)

(r) Jupiter Trine NM (3d 2m)

(s) Midheaven Trine NM (1d 7m)

(t) Neptune Sextile NM (0d 47m)

(u) Mars Sextile NM (4d 0m)


(v) Uranus Conjunct FM (3d 3m)

(w) Ascendant Sextile EMP (3d 13m)

(x) Mercury Conjunct EMP (3d 15m)

(y) Jupiter Quincunx EMP (2d 59m)

(z) Saturn Sextile LMP (2d 57m)

(z2) Moon Opposed LMP (2d 40m)

(z3) Chiron Trine LMP (0d 46m)

(z4) Uranus Square LMP (4d 29m)


(z5) Ascendant Conjunct FMP (3d 33m)

(z6) Saturn Conjunct FMP (3d 49m)

(z7) Sun Sextile FMP (1d 35m)

(z8) Venus Square FMP (0d 13m)

(z9) Pluto Square FMP (0d 29m)

(z10) Nodes Square FMP (1d 50m)

(z11) Vertex Quincunx FMP (0d 20m)

(z12) Jupiter Square FMP (3d 47m)

(z13) Midheaven Square FMP (0d 22m)


Oct 10, 2003

12:45 PM

This is the point at which I stopped almost 3 years ago. I have had nagging thoughts about getting it done but could not come back to it. Now I do so without effort. We as humans think we run our lives but it is those planets moving through the sky that gives us the urge to act as we do, and they let us THINK its our decision. (Like the happy husband whose wife lets him think he's running the show.)

In the time since I started this I have discovered 4 other midpoints in the Base Frames, although I believe these to be of lesser importance. I will not confuse things here at this time by bringing those points in but maybe I will be able to introduce them at some later time.

The present transit base frame became effective Oct. 9, 2003 at 11:27 PM and I would like to show how it touches on my horoscope in relation to the work at hand. I will indicate in which house of my natal chart each point of the Base Frame would naturally be and the houses that the aspected points are in.

S/E---9 Gemini 20---H 12

Conj. Sec. Prog. M/H---9 Gemini 49---H 12

Conj. Solar Arc M/H---9 Gemini 46---H 12

Sq. Sec. Prog. Asc---10 Virgo 43---H 3

L/E---24 Scorpio 53---H 5

Sq. N. Neptune---22 Leo 36---H 3

Sex. Solar Arc Asc. 23 Virgo 36---H 4


N/M---2 Libra 38---H 4

Sq. N. Asc.---3 Cancer 23---H 1

Conj. Solar Arc Pluto---3 Libra 29---H 4

Trine Sec. Prog. Mercury---2 Aquarius 23---H 8

Trine Sec. Prog. Venus---1 Aquarius 11---H 8

Quin. Sec. Prog. Mars---2 Taurus 14---H 11


F/M---16 Aries 35---H 10

Trine Solar Arc Moon---16 Sagittarius 50---H 6

Trine T. Pluto---17 Sagittarius 44---H 6

Sq. N. Pluto---13 Cancer 16---H 1

Sq. T. Saturn---13 Cancer 02---H 1

Sq. T. Chiron---12 Capricorn 43---H 7

Sq. Solar Arc Venus---13 Capricorn 33---H 7

Sq. Sec. Prog. Vertex---15 Capricorn 52---H 7

Opp. T. Sun---17 Libra 15---H 4

Trine T. M/H---16 Sagittarius 25---H 6


EMP---2 Pisces 06---H 9

Trine N. Asc.---3 Cancer 23---H 1

Conj. Solar Arc Mercury---4 Pisces 36---H 9

Sq. Solar Arc Mars---4 Gemini 42---H 12


LMP---9 Cancer 36---H 1

Conj. Solar Arc Chiron---11 Cancer 01--H 1

Conj. Sec. Prog. Pluto---11 Cancer 47---H 1

Sq. T. Mercury---6 Libra 46---H 4

Opp. Sec Prog. Jupiter---11 Capricorn 42---H 7

Conj. T. Saturn---13 Cancer 02---H 1

Conj. N. Pluto---13 Cancer 16---H 1

Sex. Sec. Prog. Asc.---10 Virgo 43--- H 3

Trine N. Saturn---8 Scorpio 02---H 5

Opp. T. Chiron---12 Capricorn 43---H 7

Opp. Solar Arc Venus---13 Capricorn 33---H 7

Trine/Sex. Lunar Nodes---7 Scorpio/Taurus 57

Trine T. Asc.---7 Pisces 45---H 9

Sex. T Jupiter---9 Virgo 19---H 3

Trine Solar Arc Neptune---12 Scorpio 48---H5


FMP---5 Taurus 51---H 11

Conj. Solar Arc S Node---7 Taurus 57---H 11

Conj. Relocated Sec. Prog. M/H---5 Taurus 15---H 11

Conj. Sec. Prog. Mars---2 Taurus 14---H 11

Sex. N. Asc.---3 Cancer 23---H 1

Quin. Solar Arc Pluto---3 Libra 29---H 4

Quin. T. Mercury---6 Libra 46---H 4

Sq. Sec. Prog. Mercury---2 Aquarius 23---H 8

Sq. Solar Arc Vertex---7 Aquarius 45---H 8

Sex. Solar Arc Mercury---4 Pisces 36---H 9

Sex. T. Asc. 7 Pisces 45---H 9


Earlier I mentioned the additional 4 points I had found in the Base Frame after this piece was begun. I will just mention here that all 4 of those points in the present base frame are in mutable signs and very closely aspect points in my charts.

I have laid it out in detail, probably a lot more than necessary, trying to show the importance of these seven points, which I call the Base Frame. There are no two astrologers who think alike and any point of thought can run the gamut from total acceptance to total rejection. I expect these things I have put forward to be no different.

Mission Viejo, CA.

Oct. 10, 2003

3:35 PM

5:32 AM

Oct. 12, 2003

Some revisions made

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