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Fate and Free Will


By Ralph R. Moore

Mission Viejo, CA.

117 W 40----33 N 36

June 12, 2005----7-42 P S.T.

Throughout the years Iíve heard the question of Fate and Free Will asked and debated. As usual we had a gathering of family and friends at my house last Easter. One of the friends and I were engaged in a conversation some what above the mundane and he posed the question: what about Fate and Free Will? Looking back on it now, I guess my answer was a little too glib. I said "thatís easy" and went on to explain.

But I really do think the answer is simple. Fate is the consequences, or effects of our past thoughts and actions and Free Will is the present thoughts and actions, or cause, which creates our future Fate. Contrary to some theories or beliefs it is not a question of either/or because it is impossible to have one without the other.

Make no mistake about it, the absolute fact is that our thoughts create our world. If you truthfully tell me what your consistent thoughts are I can tell you a lot about how, not the specifics, but the general trend of your life is going without knowing anything else about you or looking at your horoscope. That is because the world you see is the world you brought into existence with your thinking, and when you tell me what you have been thinking you are also giving me a picture of your life. Therefore it follows that the only possible way to change your life and your world, is to first change your thinking.

Let us take the tractor/trailer semi truck we are all so familiar with as an example. We can relate our thinking to the tractor, it is the initiator or cause of movement and it takes us in the direction we want to go. Then we can equate the trailer to the effects we subsequently experience because the trailer must follow the path of the tractor. It is the same in our lives: the effects have no choice but to follow the exact path of the causes.

Now everything said above is absolutely true and it sounds simple, and in theory it is, but to the average person, the term "change your thinking" is not near as easy done as said. The first hurdle is to come to grips with the deeper meaning of the term. Many have the idea that if they say a few affirmations every day and then go about their life in the usual manner that they have changed their thinking. Not so!!! The "change your thinking" has to happen in the subconscious mind for any change at all to be effected. Your life is not directly created by the conscious mind, but by the habitual thinking of that mind impressing the subconscious mind. When that is done then the subconscious mind, without any more effort on your part, brings into the life what has been most firmly impressed upon it.

So we need to throw "the few affirmations" out the window and change our habitual thinking. To give an example, if we have constant thoughts of being poor and then take five minutes a day for a few "plentiful" affirmations, the poor thoughts will be far and away more impressive to the subconscious mind and that is what it will continue to bring forth into your life.

If a person decides he wants to change his life the first and most paramount thing is to control the thoughts with an iron fist. Every thought should be considered, and consciously passed on before it is allowed to enter the subconscious mind. If one is determined and diligent, even though he may falter many times in the beginning, and eventually refuses to allow the conscious mind to stray, then the time will come when the mental guard becomes automatic and the changes in ones life will be obvious to himself, and all others as well.

Since Iíve gone this far along the path I may as well stick my neck out a little further and suggest a few no nos. Any negative emotion, such as fear, hatred, intolerance, jealousy and envy, to mention only a few, should be avoided like the plague (and this may be the last you ever hear of me, because if any of my family reads this last sentence they will surely crucify me. Iíve not only had my own negative emotions but have probably cheated some other people out of theirís). Another very detrimental thing to a beautiful and peaceful way of life is the violence seen in the movies, television and news. When this is habitually allowed into the subconscious mind then violence becomes a way of life, as is evidenced by the fact that our whole culture is steeped in it. The only way to keep it out of the life is to keep it out of the mind, a thing not easily done because it is everywhere we look.

So it could be stated this way: What the subconscious mind believes is what has been fed to it by the habitual thinking of the conscious mind, and since it is the creator, that which it believes is what it brings forth into the life. We may not see the results any time soon, and when the results do appear it is quite likely that we may have forgotten the thoughts, but it is impossible to experience the fate without having had the free will to think as we did.

Let us use health as an example, since anyone in his right mind would prefer vital health to its counterpart. If you have been in poor health for many years it is highly unlikely that you would see any immediate change at all if you awoke one morning and said "from this day onward Iím going to have perfect health." What you would have to do is to send the subconscious mind "perfect health" thoughts until that mind became completely saturated with them. When that happens the subconscious mind believes the concept of perfect health and rebuilds the body on that premise. The example pertained to health but the fact is that no matter what part of your life you would change, whether it be in the body or outer conditions, this is the one and only method that brings the desired results.

The subconscious mind is completely impersonal and never tells one how to think. It just goes about its creative business and creates for you the things you have induced it to believe. It will create good and it will create bad: the choice is yours. I would say to you "if you believe this is a valid premise, then practice it with all diligence. If you do not believe, then forget it and go about your business as usual. Your-time-is-yet-to-come."



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