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Apr. 19, 2005

7-02 P S.T.


    Two or three days ago I decided to try making a conception chart for myself, and then of course, check times and dates to see if it was a viable chart. After some hours of effort I finally decided on a time: Fri. Feb. 22, 1924, time 7-50 P at Tampa. Yesterday, Apr. 18, 2005, at approximately 8-59-30 A, after many hours of chart staring I came to the conclusion that it was far more accurate than I had ever dreamed it would be. I made charts for both of the above times, the conception and the verification and put them on a bi-wheel and marked the sheet ďchart A.Ē   

    It is quite probable others have done this at some time but Iíve never heard of anyone doing it. Surely I canít be the only astrologer with wild and crazy ideas.

   My memory of the process is a little hazy now but I think it went something like this: first I made progressed and return charts for my mother. Those charts were questionable at best because her birth time is unknown and my rectification of her birth chart didnít come with a guarantee. Next I made a Solar return chart for the year before my birth and secondary progressed that to the approximate conception date and to my birth date a year later. Then a Lunar return chart for the period of conception based on the Solar return. Then I progressed the proposed conception charts and the Solar return to future times of trauma that I have experienced along the way.


   There were numerous charts tried and rejected before one was settled on but the charts I had selected to base my search on were quite helpful. Obviously there can be no guarantee that the time I settled on is correct, or even nearly so, but I feel that Iím not far off.


Thursday Apr. 28, 2005

8-28 P S.T.

   As of now I have made prenatal Solar returns and what I believe to be fairly close conception charts for myself and my wife, Elle who departed this world at 5-30 AM S.T. Oct. 3, 2000. These charts produced some very eerie aspects at the time of her passing, which Iíll cite here:

At the time she was diagnosed with cancer the transit Sun was at 10 Aries 37.

At her passing transit Sun was at 10 Libra 38 and  transit Venus/Mars midpoint was at 10 Libra 39.

The Midheaven/Ascendant midpoint, which in all my work I call the chart midpoint, in her prenatal Solar return was at 10 cancer 38.

Pluto in my conception chart, secondary progressed to the day of her passing, was at 10 can 39.

   Here I would like to note, these charts were not made to fit these aspects. Some were found only after the charts were made. About the chart midpoint, I discovered its importance quite some time ago and found it to be a valuable tool.

   I would like to add that I could not look at my wifeís horoscope during the period between her diagnosis and her passing. I knew I was going to make her well and didnít want to see or hear anything to the contrary. There was also probably a lot of fear in me that I couldnít admit (that which I greatly feared has come upon me.) When there is a difference of opinion between the subconscious and the conscious minds the subconscious mind is always the victor.


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