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   In one way astrology is similar to religion.  That is, both are ancient teachings and both are rife with unproven opinions laid down and accepted as law by following generations.  I will not concern myself with the pitiful state of theology buy in the study of astrology we need truth.

   We need to sift the mountains of astrological material, throw away the trash, and use only that which has been proven reliable.  We not only have the old stuff to go through, but much has been written in modern times and more is added daily.  This one fact is very clear: if we base our astrological judgment on unreliable information, that judgment will be unreliable.

   Since the unvarnished truth is what we are considering here, I must air a complaint.  When a person who calls himself an astrologer gives his client a reading without benefit of a horoscope, THAT IS NOT ASTROLOGY.  He may be using his intuition, and he may be right in what he tells the client.  But that does not make it an astrological reading.  I say this: donít claim to be what you are not.

   To read a horoscope one must pull his head out of the clouds, come down to earth and give detailed attention to the planets, their signs and houses, relations to each other, that is, their aspects and progressions and returns.  I believe astrology to be the most complicated science known to man.  It is a Uranian study, and you canít do it with your head in Neptunian wild blue yonder.



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